Quoth Rusev and His Shorts (RAW 1/18/16)

Image Courtesy of Punkrockbigmouth (punkrockbigmouth.tumblr.com)

If this were medieval times, I would give my handkerchief to my champion and this blog’s patron wrestler-saint Rusev, and blow him a kiss for good luck as he heads into this year’s Royal Rumble. All his fellow international wrestlers in the League of Nations did was come out and talk smack at Roman Reigns and Chris Jericho, who were blah-blah-blah-ing it in the ring. But Rusev was more artful. He painted for us a metaphor of his native Bulgaria, where all of life is a rumble, and steaks are tossed about for some reason. Yes, yes, I know, Rusev hardly made a lick of sense, but I admire my Bulgarian champion: it’s a bold thing cutting an ESL promo. You go try and cut a promo in Bulgarian and let’s just see how well you do. His metaphor was mixed all to hell but I don’t care. His was still the best promo of the segment.

Oh, and a housekeeping note before I take a stab at transcribing Rusev: this blog is being offered up almost daily lately by the search engine gods to people trying to figure out what is written on Rusev’s shorts. These search terms are funny, they look like this: “pvcgb bulgaria”. People are trying to find the Latin letters to express the Cyrillic letters, which are “Русев”. What does it mean? It means “Rusev”. It’s just his name there on his shorts, in a kind of Old Church Slavonic font, which is the Cyrillic equivalent of Gothic lettering.

So here’s Rusev:

(Something in Bulgarian beyond my ability to transcribe) Listen you American reject. In Bulgaria everyday is a rumble! I had to take kids off the bus so I could go to school! My trainer used to throw a steak in the middle of the ring so I could fight to eat! One man, two, twenty-nine, it doesn’t matter, one of us, ONE, OF, US! Is gonna win the Royal Rumble. WE! We should be your whole (unintelligible) show tonight.

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