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Hello My Friends! The time has come again for me to take a hiatus from Notes on the Spectacle of Excess. I got a paying translation gig this morning that will take me most of April to crank out, plus I’m doing a reading in Fairbanks this weekend, and also I’m trying to get The Book Proposal finished once and for all. (What’s that? A book proposal? Stay tuned, it’s getting close…)

Don’t worry, I’ll be back. Last time I took a break I totally cheated and wrote a few posts anyway. I can’t stay away, I’ve got a list of posts a mile long I want to write. This blog is like a permanent solution to writer’s block for me. Problem is, a couple years ago I asked the universe for more inspiration to write and translate and suddenly I had a thousand ideas. I started setting up possibilities for awesome projects, thinking some would fail and a few would take root, but one by one they ALL took root! Now here I am with two books I’m writing or editing, two books I’m translating, and one book in print that I’m promoting. Plus cranking out this blog. Plus several random short stories I’m working on. Plus homeschooling my kids and keeping everybody in clean underwear and such. This blog is my favorite project of all, but it’s also the one that steals my attention from all the others, so when there’s a deadline involved, Notes On the Spectacle of Excess must go dormant.

I may also have to avoid the Twitter, because sheesh! But if you want to get in touch don’t hesitate to DM or message me: @AndreaGregovich. I’ll still see it in my email. If you’re new to this blog, welcome! Scroll down to the tag cloud for a buffet of subjects I’ve written about, or here are some good posts for you to read:

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Also, if you’re one of the many seekers who has come here on a quest for knowledge about what Rusev is saying, here are my main posts on the topic:

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Finally, thanks for all the support everyone! I look forward to sharing more deep thoughts about wrestling and its fandom in a month or two.

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