On What Lana Says in Russian (“Здравствуй из России”)

I seem to have become a go-to internet source for the thing Rusev says at the beginning of his entrance music, and the posts I’ve written about Lana’s general linguistic curiosities get a fair number of hits as well. But it turns out I have neglected to translate for you, not-so-gentle readers, the thing Lana always says in Russian as she begins her promos. I was perusing the google search terms that have brought people to this blog — I should really pay more attention to these than I do — and discovered that sometime last year, somebody came to Notes on the Spectacle of Excess in search of this knowledge:

meaning of russian that lana talks on wwe strasy strasy

Sorry I’m a little late with this one. Does Lana even say this anymore? Anyway, it’s pretty easy. That thing you hear her say is, “Zdravstvui iz Rossii,” which means “Hello from Russia.” So there you go, internet. Now you know.

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