On Heels That Should Be Faces and Faces That Should Be Heels

Is anybody doing analytics on the number of cell phone lighter apps people are putting up for Bray Wyatt? Some nights it’s stunning. Doesn’t this count for something? Bray Wyatt is amazing. Can we set him up on some kind of sensible narrative trajectory? Couldn’t he aim toward a Jake the Snake-style babyface run? I remember the Jake the Snake of my junior high years was the same exact crazy dark madman as babyface or heel. It was all about who he went after: as a face he put the snake on heels, and as a heel he put the snake on faces. Why can’t Bray Wyatt do one of these? Why can’t he go mess with Seth Rollins’ head and let us cheer for it? He was so over in his feud with John Cena! Remember? He was a heartthrob cult leader! Is this another example of the company withholding the potential of the talent to generate heat from me, the blogger? Can I just tell you, also, as someone who can put myself into his yoga pose with a bit of effort, really careful not to put my head down, in fact still come down with a bit of a tentative thud. Bray Wyatt gets in that thing, walks around upside down like that (hello, hard!), puts his head down, then pops out of it from his head! Holy shit! Join me, will you, in a hashtag: #BrayWyattForBabyface.

And for that matter, I am fully on board with Rusev as a babyface at this stage. John Cena is his opportunity for a full-blown face turn. Let’s start another hashtag: #RusevforBabyface.

Brock Lesnar is also perhaps the most brilliant man in the company (with Paul Heyman’s help, of course) because he has managed to transcend the petty politics of the two party system of heels and faces. Lesnar and Heyman are neither heel nor face. They are entities unto themselves. I buy everything they sell me, every last thing.

One other note on this topic: I totally think the got it backwards when they turned Erick Rowan face and Luke Harper remained heel. Would have worked better the other way.

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