On Mizdow as Silent Film Star

We call Mizdow a stunt double, but in fact isn’t how he achieves his character more like that of a silent film leading man?

Think of Mizdow’s exaggerated gestures, facial expressions, and voiceless speaking as you watch Charley Chase in Mighty Like a Moose from 1926:

If you can’t hang in there the entire 22 minutes, drop in around 15:00 and follow the build-up to the scene where he pretends he’s two of himself, one chasing the other, that’s got shades of Mizdow absurdity. He even rigs up a boot on a string to make it look like the other him is kicking him in the face.

And get a load of Charlie Chaplin’s great moments in this trailer for Modern Times (1936):

He’s a loveable underdog goofball who cannot catch a break, and perhaps the most memorable thing about him is simply the way he carries himself. Doesn’t this sound like our Mizdow?

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