On Manipulating the Smarter Among the Marks

Miz and Mizdow are over like crazy as heels. That’s right — I’m suggesting that Mizdow has been playing a co-heel all this time. Because at this point we don’t think such a delightful wrestler as Damien Sandow should be forced to continue taking part in such a humiliating dog and pony show as has become being Miz’s stunt double. Isn’t this what you think? Miz is actually quite over as a douchebag as well, because don’t you just hate him anyway, but especially for what he puts Mizdow through? Can’t that bastard get over on his own? And now making him a personal assistant? Aren’t we just so annoyed by this? Don’t you get suckered in and pop when Mizdow tags himself in, and doesn’t it drive you crazy when Miz tags him right back out again?

This scenario illustrates why a smark is nothing more than one of the smarter among the marks. We have to remember that this is wrestling, the mentality is carny-corporate, they will have our heat by hook or by crook, so they have it with the suffering of Mizdow. Don’t you feel indignant about what he’s been made to do! He’s so funny! He’s so much better than this! We want our Damien Sandow!

Tough shit, bitches. To the McMahon Family, the particular flavor of heat they get from manipulating the smarter of the marks is sublime. Oh, you know they feel all tingly about it. They are withholding the potential of the talent because it generates powerful smark heat.

How do we break this cycle of abuse?

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