On Disrespect For Roman Reigns (through the filter of the CM Punk podcast)

It strikes me as a bizarre turn of events that people are rioting on Twitter over a Roman Reigns victory at Royal Rumble and making mean gifs at the expense of our old world knight of justice. Look, I am totally over Roman Reigns, even when I was swooning over him a year ago. But you know what? I’m also over Bray Wyatt. And Dean Ambrose. Oh come on, admit it, those guys have really fizzled. Dean Ambrose, for example, is really awkward at delivery of lines when he doesn’t come up with them himself. There, I said it. He’s incoherent in not a good way a good deal of the time. It’s not his fault, and don’t think it doesn’t break my heart to say it, because he was also making me swoon about a year ago. He was the best thing ever, but for the most part I’ve been not paying attention to his matches for a while now. His matches mostly to Bray Wyatt. Who is ONLY bad because of bad booking and periodic bad writing. Otherwise he is completely brilliant on every level. All three of these wonder boys have been completely boring to watch for a while now. Oh, how we love them so, but they’ve all three been sabotaged. They’re only starting to get their acts together after a rather long period of sucking eggs. So really, it seems to me disrespectful to a guy who is just coming off a terribly painful experience requiring surgery which took months to recover from that people are causing economic fallout and putting his name on it.

IT’S NOT HIS FAULT HE’S TANKING, PEOPLE. He just should not be talking. He could really excel at tough guy three word sentences or angry looks. His wrestling is limited, yes, but I think he’s trying to improve. He has been sabotaged. His weaknesses have been exploited rather than minimized. We can be relatively confident this was booked by a certain somebody in a spell of early onset dementia from too many concussions. Don’t make this about Roman Reigns. Make this about the company when you cancel the network. Or better yet, make it about our collective bitterness at the arrogance of the Baby Boomer generation.

Seth Rollins is remarkable in that he has somehow weathered the seas of terrible booking and carny-corporate creative dysfunction. He is the top guy at the company for this very reason. But don’t get mad at Roman Reigns for being the one winner in a whole roster of mostly stalled out characters played by incredibly talented and captivating individuals (including Roman Reigns himself, when he doesn’t talk). I mean, isn’t Rusev growing stale, even? Always hurting his foot, Lana no longer making much sense from a foreign affairs perspective?

I think it is seriously unfortunate to have such a pivotal PPV as the Royal Rumble land during Mercury Retrograde. This shit is way inauspicious right now. We should have rioted when Dean Ambrose got shocked by a monitor, but we didn’t. Why is this the final straw? Maybe I’ve just never bought the idea that Wrestlemania is so special. I see to think there have been blah Wrestlemanias before. So what, it happens, and life goes on. Be kind to Roman Reigns, is all I ask. Cancel the network if you don’t even want to watch NXT anymore, but these people are deserving of our respect. They suffer much pain and concussion for our entertainment.

ETA: It occurs to me that I didn’t address Daniel Bryan here. But you know what? Maybe it’s just not realistic to pit him against Brock Lesnar. And now I’m editing this part once again to expand my thoughts after a discussion with somebody on Twitter: Daniel Bryan is a wonderful wrestler, but it would seem to me realism dictates he becomes a ragdoll in Lesnar’s arms. I’m far more sold on Lesnar as a monster fighter than I am on Bryan as an underdog who can conquer somebody as formidable as Lesnar against all odds. That’s just me. Also, though, it may simply be that Bryan’s tentative neck is not up to a stellar Wrestlemania match vs. The Beast, and may never be again. I have continued my thoughts in a second post here. Thanks for reading, everybody, and remember, Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens on 2/11/14!

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