On Kyle, Oliver, and the Church of NXT

Tim at The Work of Wrestling turned me on to these guys and they are brilliant. Political satire for the WWE Universe! Just what we need during these dark times:

Kyle and Oliver do awesome covers of WWE entrance songs, Paige’s being perhaps their most kick ass:

But their NXT song is more complex than a bold cover — it is a parody delivering a satire that is actually a message of grievance from the audience. It is a dissident manifesto, another strong rallying cry in the audience’s battle to assert its concerns about the highly disconcerting state of the current product:

Raise your voice now to testify

Don’t let your chants be nullified

It’s NXT time to really shine

They’re the guys to run this company.

All the superstars and the wrestling fans

We are the soldiers

Of the new era    

Put your faith in the future     

Put on a grade A show for sure

Join the crowd we will be chanting  

In the church of NXT

A fire burns today

Of passion and determination

The other show decays,                                                                                                               

Crush all the non-believers…

Did you catch that? Whereas WWE proper is the corrupt corporation, NXT is the church. NXT is our sanctuary, while that other show is a crumbling empire lashing out at us for our insolence when we refuse to drink the John Cena kool-aid. And it all comes to the tune of a Green Day song — what better critics of suburban American stagnation to parody when you’re making a case against the WWE?

It all brings to light the absurd irony of the situation in which we find ourselves. I watch Sami Zayn, Adrian Neville, Kevin Owens, Finn Balor, Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks (to name some, not all) with a feeling of anxiety about the future. I feel as though their careers are on a collision course — they are being groomed in a minor league that has become a far superior product. I love to watch them, they are so good, and I have no desire to see them stall out in a culture of dumb jokes and tyrannical carny-corporate politics. I don’t want to see them succeed, as success for them will just be depressing to watch and a crying shame. They will be sabotaged and squandered. We can pray for change, but what if it never gets here?

Kyle & Oliver did another one of these songs about John Cena a couple years ago that was truly a scathing indictment. That one should have its own post.

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