On Not RAW (1/6/15)

I skipped right over RAW this week. From the advance tweets I saw, it looked like it was all about The Authority being mean to people which is such a downer, plus my kids were total rascals at Costco, so I was like, “No soup for you!” Also, it was Day One for my husband’s DDP Yoga resolution (which I am joining in on) so we didn’t have hours to sink into a show that was just going to annoy us. I’m going to listen to Uniquely Heel’s lovely vlog for the cliff notes and call it good.

We did, however, sink several hours into Wrestle Kingdom 9 on Sunday and were so glad we did! I have a post almost ready about the new globalized market for professional wrestling. I’ll hopefully have it posted by NXT.

I plan to write about our experiences with DDP Yoga, maybe even an article for a magazine (gasp!) if I can interest one. As an almost daily practitioner of “chick” yoga (if you will) for four years, I’m finding it fascinating how DDP has successfully repackaged yoga to appeal to regular dudes. Other yoga-fitness classes I’ve taken have rubbed me the wrong way, but so far I think DDP strikes just the right balance and is such a warmhearted presence that I totally like it. Plus, I think DDP is going to light a fire under my ass to get better at push-ups. In my mostly vinyasa practice I’ve gotten awesome at the down part, but coming back up I’m like a deer in the headlights.

Until NXT…

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  1. January 6, 2015

    Maybe you should’ve had your kids watch last night’s RAW for being rascals. Definitely would’ve made them rethink their actions. Haha. Wrestle Kingdom 9 was really good. Haven’t seen a complete Japanese wrestling show in a long time and WK9 didn’t disappoint. Looking forward to that article on the globalized market!

    • January 8, 2015

      Wow, if I could package RAW as punishment — my son does get so mad Rusev and Seth Rollins. My daughter feels like it’s punishment unless Tyler Breeze or Tyson Kidd is on the scene. You’re on to something here. Maybe the return of the Authority can actually help me out.

      My global market ideas are on hold a little longer — turns out it’s like three different posts in one or something. Gotta figure out.

      Thanks for commenting James!

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