On RAW 11/17/2014

RAW Notes are back!

The way Cena approached Ryback for Team Cena recruitment totally came off as soap opera. But what he said to convince him was absolutely Best of Cena material: “It’s amazing that the guy who always wants to get fed more finally gets a chance to eat at the big table and suddenly he’s not hungry.” Cena is really working the populist hero angle while Triple H is nailing the corporate tyrant. H’s lectures on the immaturity and irreverence of wrestling fans and Cena’s rebuttal about the passion of the wrestling audience offered a very balanced look at the relationship between the audience and the company.

Bray Wyatt seems to be back on track delivering his soulful monologues, but his style has changed since he delivered those downright Shakespearean promos in his earlier feud with John Cena. Now as he pontificates about Dean Ambrose’s damaged soul and how it relates to his own in a style that makes me think of Tennessee Williams, perhaps most like that tormented reverend in Night of the Iguana. I plan to revive my “Quoth Bray Wyatt” series and transcribe this one as well here when I get a chance.

The earth wobbled slightly on its axis, and somehow I don’t mind the Bella twins lately. I can’t exactly explain how it happened — this story in which Brie has to be Nicki’s assistant was completely watchable from day one, and having Brie dress up like AJ was actually rather successful. She’s like a reluctant Mizdow lately. It’s just too bad, during that match and with AJ at ringside, the crowd wasn’t chanting “CM Punk”. That would have been good satire. The audience is best when they are creating their own satire.

And Erick Rowan. I’ve missed wrestling for the past week, but I did not see that coming. There’s nothing more pleasing than a surprise face turn, especially after Triple H’s pathological corporate finger-shaking at us for our audacity to have opinions.

I was skeptical of and dreading the Grumpy Cat business, but in the end I found it delightfully Fellini-esque, especially Mizdow with the stuffed stunt cat. (I was exhausted to the point of giddiness by that time. I’m better now.)

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