On RAW 10/6/2014

This Week’s Notes:

Regular readers of this blog will know that I am generally more sympathetic than not toward John Cena’s plight. But nights like tonight he just strikes me as smarmy. I find myself wanting him to learn his lesson, get his ass handed to him for his hubris, which becomes more and more apparent every show. It is very interesting that he is resisting ceding the alpha role to crowd darling Dean Ambrose. And yet Ambrose taught him quite a lesson this evening. Certainly he fucked up when he left Dean Ambrose hanging, and he generally stuck his nose in a Shield feud he had no business messing with. But a 3-on-1 handicap match is some hardcore penitence for leaving Dean Ambrose high and dry last week. Will Cena repent for his sins? Will it be enough to retain the sympathy of his fan base (who otherwise seems to be loving Dean Ambrose)?

Terribly, though, my TiVo cut off the end of the main event and I didn’t end up seeing how it all played out, AND Twitter is down so I can’t tap into all the scuttlebutt and find out! Fie on thee, Mercury retrograde!

It occurs to me that Money in the Bank is like a talisman, or a totem, or an idol of sorts. I’m wishing I spent more time wrapping my brain around Levi-Strauss so I could speak more eloquently about it.

Emma is the diva version of Heath Slater. And she completes the A.J./Paige story line. Page and A.J. are trying to make each other jealous with the new girl they’re hanging around with. The goth chick got the cool black girl, and the hot mean girl next door somehow ended up with the way clueless nerdy girl.

Hurray for the Damian Sandow push! And thank you, people of Brooklyn, for chanting “Sandow’s better!”

Finally, Seth Rollins has impressed me lately by how thoroughly he has embraced his role as a bitch-ass motherfucker. Look, this is the PG era, but that I can’t really think of a better way to describe what he is. I use those words not as a slur but as a glowing compliment for a heel. (You don’t see me calling Randy Orton such obscenities, do you? No, because he’s stale as a heel and I’m eagerly awaiting his inevitable face turn.)

On that note, can I just tell you, gentle readers, that my shit is blowing up in a big way lately? It’s all good, but wow, it’s a lot to hold together and keep my household running. I may need to take a little hiatus from my blog here, as much as I hate to do it. I have several posts in progress and maybe one of them will finally get its act together and get up on the blog, but you may not hear from me for about a month and a half. I’ll have a bunch of things out of the way by then. Hopefully it will be a Dean Ambrose hiatus rather than a Daniel Bryan one.

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