On RAW 9/29/14

No Myth in Wrestling There’s always talk of legends in wrestling. Never of myth. Because all of wrestling is a myth, and yet what is legendary is a particular actor-athlete’s portrayal of the myth. Legendary are the men, not the wrestlers. Wrestling is ultimately a form of American mythology, and yet like with any cultural mythology a small part of us maintains that it is “real”.

The Glory of #Bunnymania Don’t discount the fact that we were treated this evening to a match that included two luchadores, a guy wrestling in a bunny suit, a midget wrestler dressed like a bull and a midget wrestler dressed like an alligator, and Heath Slater. Don’t be such a grumpy cynic that you can’t appreciate small pleasures.

Ambrose & Cena or Ambrose v. Cena? Teaming Ambrose and Cena looked like an aggressive attempt to revive Cena’s babyface alignment. Yet turning him and Ambrose against each other could very well be “the final destruction of John Cena” (as The Good Worker calls it). Which way will it go? Perhaps Dean Ambrose will teach John Cena not to play the role of hero while everything around him burns.

The Ambrose Flippy-Dippy Thing Off the Rope That thing Ambrose does off the rope? Is that exclusive to Ambrose? Does it have a name? They never seem to see it coming.

Two Final Notes… I am way pro Luke Harper getting his own push. I’ve thought he had a huge presence from day one. You just look at him and can almost year it in the air: “You sure do got a pretty mouth.” And am I the only one who didn’t know Jamie Noble was now a backstage suit? That was him, wasn’t it? Ambrose took a great dig at him with “They sent the cruiser-weight division out to get me!”

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