On Smackdown 9/19/14

JBL was in rare form tonight. Some highlights:

“He comes out with a dancing cheese burger, and there’s nothing wrong with him?”

“The bunny’s taken out The Gator! Titus used to be tough!”

“How does a referee ignore a bunny hopping across the ring?”

“A flying bunny!”


And the rest of my Evening Notes:

#Bunnymania was an satire on the legendary blind spots of wrestling’s referees.

Adam Rose has reintroduced a Fellini-esque element into wrestling. As has Damien Sandow.

I’m usually bored by by these midcard matches, but Sheamus and Ziggler vs. Cesaro and Miz is actually a pretty good match.

I love Bo Dallas. He’s absolutely brilliant. Bo may be able to pull Jack Swagger out of his patriotic existential doldrums.

The wrestlers of the Wyatt family represent the dark aesthetic of backyard wrestling (or at the very least, they are WWE’s backyard caricature).

I think the paying of dues has in fact begun to play a role in the development of a character (in addition to the way it has traditionally been used to promote the “development of character”).

Is John Cena about to start playing dirty? And will that actually mean a heel turn, or will his fans understand where he is coming from? (It becomes righteous anger once his mama gets involved and all.)

From a thematic standpoint, consider what went on here tonight: the tea party patriot can’t beat the Russian, but the black man can.



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