On a Mysterious Visitor

A couple days ago somebody looked at my post about John Cena and Paul Heyman after having performed the following Google search:

“will pual hymen bring john cena thug in 2014”

A drunk and possibly high wrestling fan was contemplating the John Cena problem and Google offered me as relevant source material. I’m not being silly when I say this: I couldn’t be more proud. This is exactly why I write the things I do. If I can get folks like this to start leaving comments and having lively conversations with each other, I will consider my foray into blogging a smashing success.

Also, what an amazing gift, these google search terms, for a fledgling semiotitian such as myself! There is so much sign and signifier goodness to unpack in those words, I’m going to cogitate long and hard about it. Right now, though, I’ve decided to think of it as a message from the internet gods. This voice emerged suddenly from the roaring din of the collective consciousness to suggest to me a new topic to ponder: the significance of the thug in wrestling. I think, also, the drunk googler was possibly concerned about the cosmic and numerological implications of John Cena’s current alignment. 2014 is a huge year for change and all.

Finally, I wonder what this searcher thought of my take on John Cena and Paul Heyman? I dearly wish this fellow enthusiast had left me a comment.

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