On Werner Herzog and Wrestlemania

VICE has an interview with Werner Herzog entitled “Werner Herzog Has a Lot of Time For WrestleMania”, in which the luminary German documentary filmmaker cops to being a wrestling fan:

I take it you don’t consume much pop culture?
Not very much, no. Well, I look with great interest at phenomena like WrestleMania. Or I used to watch the Anna Nicole Smith Show because there was a very strange cultural shift there. I go to the football stadium; that’s a form of popular culture.

I wonder, how closely does Werner Herzog follow wrestling? Does he see it as American mythology like I do? Is it for him a spectacle of the hero’s quest? Has he also come to recognize the Shakespearean tragedy known as Cena?

If I could have dinner with Werner Herzog, I would first pick his brain about the hunters in the Siberian village of Bakhta. Then I would ask him if he likes Dean Ambrose, and whether he has any deep thoughts about the German announce table.

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