On Dropping Off the Grid

Dear Friends of this Blog,

I figure there are about 3-5 of you — so good to see your hits here and there! Thank you for reading my thoughts and for reading wrestling with me! I regret to report that I will be away from the internet this weekend and all next week. Such unfortunate timing! I will miss Summer Slam, and by the time I’m back online and caught up with all the action everything will have changed.

I’ve been realizing as a fledgling wrestling critic that this is the pace of the WWE’s narrative. Sometimes concepts have to simmer in the pot before I can write a good post, but if I let them go for too long they are suddenly out of date, silly to bring up again, stale (if you doing mind me mixing my soup with a bread metaphor). Our old world archetypes shoot along at the speed of the internet age, and I’m just a throwback Gen X’er without a smart phone even, scrambling to stay current before my eyes strain.

I’ve been working on a post about this, about wrestling’s continuous narrative, what a challenge it is to write about and what a challenge it must be to write. Maybe in my time away from the ‘webs I will find the focus to complete this essay so I have something hearty to post when I get back.

So enjoy Summer Slam for me, everybody. I can’t wait to see the lumberjack match when I get back, and to see Stephanie wrestle again.

Your Lit-Smark,

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