On the Renaissance of the Divas Part II

Another stunning conflict to emergence from the diva pool stocked mostly with fun but shallow hotties is Brie Bella and her rather archetypal confrontation with Stephanie. We don’t often see women arising to epic in the literary sense, but here we have David’s young wife taking on the unsurmountable Mrs. Goliath. The calf butting the oak tree, in Solzhenitsyn’s terms. Brie is now being cast as an upstart heroine and a rebel dissident. She is speaking truth to power in honor of all the wrestlers Corporate Stephanie has insulted, victimized and humiliated.

She is the Erin Brokovich of the WWE, and at this point it looks like Brie is in over her head. Stephanie is a monolith and a megabitch. A larger-than-life tyrant wielding sex appeal, wrestling in her blood and a snarl just like her dad’s. And holy moly, she does Triple H’s finishing move! Regardless of her uphill battle, Brie is coming on bold like her husband – looking completely naïve and yet her husband has shown that it can be done. So she’s charging back into the ring after she’s smacked off the apron and going all catfighty, even though she’s up against a vengeful Athena. The naïve underdog just might manage to overcome and triumph. Perhaps the populist “Yes!” chant may will be truly powerful and carry Brie through.

I should add, I cannot bring myself to watch Total Divas, so my analysis here may well be lacking context. The few glimpses I’ve caught of that show are as excruciating as a Jane Austen novel, and a paradox of kayfabe I’m just not up for unraveling at present. I know I should take a look at it. I would probably learn a few things. I’m just a little too old school to embrace wrestling reality TV.

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