On the Results of Battleground

Just a few thoughts that arose from the results of Battleground, because things are moving so quickly that RAW has already changed everything!

I was happy to see Rusev dominate that knucklehead Jack Swagger. Hopefully this will keep Lana’s mean girl foreign policy lectures in the mix a while longer. And really, how could she not allude to the plane crash in Ukraine? Lana’s whole purpose as a character is to comment on this stupid new Cold War we’re watching play out, and devastating as it is, MH17 is such a political powder keg it could very well become our generation’s assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. (Besides that, Lana tweeted sincere condolences about the crash days ago. The Daily Mail doesn’t take wrestling seriously so they didn’t bother to look closely.)

Pro wrestling is an art form ripe for political satire; I’m convinced the Lana is WWE’s own veiled critique of the Obama administration. The McMahons are cutthroat capitalists steering an international corporation; we would be naïve to think the WWE does not have hefty political concerns and interests. Don’t forget Linda McMahon ran for Senate as a fiscally hawkish Republican. Also, oddly enough, I recently discovered that someone at WWE donated more than ten grand to the crony capitalist carpetbagger trying to disguise himself as a hometown family values candidate running for Senate in my own backwater state. One other thing I liked in that match was when Zeb Coulter called Rusev and Lana “Boris and Natasha”. Didn’t I point out their cold war villain veneer a while back? In that way Zeb and I are on the same page.

Dean Ambrose has really come unhinged, hasn’t he? I appreciate a good brawler, and popping out of Seth Rollins’ trunk with a crowbar was pretty old school. But can we let Dean Ambrose catch a break already? It’s like his only role anymore is to ambush Seth Rollins. That could get boring in a Bray Wyatt sort of way. And on the topic of breaks, John Cena has sure caught his fair share – he even got to be the against-all-odds guy in the fatal fourway! Look, I get it, we can’t always get what we want. But if they withhold what we want too long they will squander their assets. What a travesty it would be if we got bored of watching Roman Reigns get the shaft left and right. Though I’m glad the tension has risen between Cena and Reigns. Wouldn’t that be the ultimate match for Summer Slam?

I do love a good Battle Royal and I’m a fan of The Miz, so I was glad to see him to take the Intercontinental Championship. I’m impressed by how he works the camera with those big bug eyes, and that he’s a masterful dandy. I’m also impressed by how he worked his way up from the reality TV world to become a wrestling superstar. Most of those Real World kids and even the Tough Enough wrestlers faded quietly into obscurity after their season ended, but Miz paid his dues and persevered, so good on him. Though to be honest, I was secretly rooting for Bo Dallas.

More thoughts coming on Bray Wyatt v. Chris Jericho and Paige v. AJ, but those situations are still fluid! As Drudge would say, “Developing…”

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