On The Swift and Unfortunate Decline of Bray Wyatt

I really just want to add an addendum to my last post about my frustrations with the Bray Wyatt character. I caught in the replay a segment I had missed from Smackdown, in which Bray Wyatt accused Chris Jericho of having promised to always be there for his fans, and then abandoning them. To which I say, really dude? This is the best they can do with a character they build to such grand heights? Go after Chris Jericho with the very same complaint he had for John Cena? Has Bray Wyatt been reduced to a half-rate naysayer of legendary heroes? A two-dimensional character of whom we know exactly what to expect? I admit, the “Whole World in His Hands” thing had grown tiresome, but couldn’t he work on some other gospels? Maybe depart from Iago as a template and see what he could do with a Macbeth?

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