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Imagine the narrative complexity of the fatal fourway that awaits us at Battlground on Sunday. Any man can pin any man and become the champion. At first it will start more or less as two against two. But then it will start to break down, there will have to be a parallel storyline outside the ring. Cain will most likely turn on Randy Orton, that much has been telegraphed. There will be battles within battles. It will become necessary to isolate and incapacitate people. There will be a travesty or two. And then, if this is to be a match that rises to an epic scale in wrestling history, it will have to be one in which John Cena and Roman Reigns have a conflict of interest.

Will John Cena turn heel? Roman Reigns should absolutely not turn heel. Will the two of them behave honorably and shake hands no matter the outcome, or will there be a problem? Can John Cena persevere and remain the down-on-his-luck folk hero without turning heel? While I am impressed with his perseverance as the hero who takes heat, it would make things more interesting if John Cena would just please vindicate Bray Wyatt already and play the role of hero while everything around him burns! Bray Wyatt’s in a whole other match, but his previous build-up has been totally squandered, deflated like a balloon.

Wyatt had our attention, he inspired all those lighter flame apps in the crowd, he told a good, rabble-rousing tale. We liked him even though we knew we should hate him, and those two creepy goons behind them. They were way, way, over. And then Bray Wyatt kept losing, and kept recycling concepts in his monologues. Whoever writes Bray Wyatt’s speeches seems to have run out of ideas. We got tired of waiting for him to be substantial, to have his day, because he was such a brilliant orator, and clearly a talented performer and wrestler. But he never wins, he’s grown stale, and he does his yoga pose-walk around gimmick at weird times now. In the Money in the Bank ladder match, he just randomly did it for no reason. Nobody was even around at that point. And that thing, him in his creepy yoga pose, is on the poster for Battleground. It’s getting a little old, is all I’m saying.

Dean Ambrose should beat Seth Rollins one way or another, because he’s been ruthlessly pounded and marginalized since the last pay-per-view. We wouldn’t want to have the payoff withheld again and have us grow weary of Dean Ambrose as the unhinged guy, would we? That would be an awful shame, squandering Ambrose’s capital by resisting giving him his day for too long, like they did with Bray Wyatt.

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