On John Cena’s Big Win II

I see a rather interesting place that this could go — John Cena finds himself in a quandary.  He will somehow be in a position “to play the role of hero while everything around him burns,” as Bray Wyatt described him, and what will be burning is Roman Reigns. Will he sacrifice the belt or let Roman Reigns burn? The answer to this question will determine the next step for his character. If he doesn’t sell out Roman Reigns, can he sell somehow taking a right action to a crowd jaded enough to hold up their lighter apps for Bray Wyatt? Or will he screw over Roman Reigns, which will force him to become an ugly heel? And it would be ugly, wouldn’t it? After holding onto his babyface alignment for so very long? It is a tight corner John Cena has painted himself into.

John Cena has been mildly taunting the people who talk smack about him on Twitter. Imagine the fine line he is walking right now, maintaining his composure. Not turning heel, because that would be his character’s death knell! Can he stay the course as the guy with a “Never Give Up” logo?


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