On John Cena’s Big Win

Though of course I was cheering for Roman Reigns, I’ve decided I do support a John Cena championship at this time. I wholeheartedly support the tweening of John Cena. This is rather unique — Hulk Hogan, if you will remember, turned heel when his fans were getting sick of him. And his whole complaint, if I remember correctly, was that his fans were turning on him, so screw them. John Cena, on the other hand, has thus far persevered. Has this ever happened before? He is the same dude he was ten years ago, albeit matured. But he’s still the white boy street poet, right? And still the folk hero, if one fallen on hard times. And yet, in order to accommodate the haters, they lured them away from the conventional Cena-as-babyface paradigm with a cultural stereotype of a southern cult leader and his minions, a “scene from Deliverance” type we absolutely should hate but just don’t, he’s too brilliant, a redneck Shakespeare. This is groundbreaking stuff here. So Cena as champion, despite how it should have been Roman Reigns, is NOT GIVING US WHAT WE WANT. As well they shouldn’t. Quality, literary television should never just hand us what we want. Joss Whedon taught us that.

This is the opportunity for John Cena to evolve rather than go the way of Hulk Hogan. Shouldn’t we all learn from that lesson in our own human existence? Evolve before you go the way of Hulk Hogan. I’m giving the writers the benefit of the doubt here — they have laid out some cunning exposition. I shall give them a chance to go somewhere good with it.

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