Notes on Raw (6/22/14)

There’s something wonderful about Sandow dressed as Abraham Lincoln losing to Big E. Very postmodern. Such a complex irony to unravel.

Quoth Lana: “You foolish American.  Don’t you know that pride cometh before the fall?” She speaks hard-luck wisdom to us in the guise of a mean girl heel. Really, she’s offering tough post-Soviet love.

I gush: Roman Reigns, entering not from the stage, but through the audience. And Dean Ambrose, too, and the Shield itself. They have perfected that walking in through the crowd thing. Others have done it in the past I think, but for these guys it is the pinnacle of their art. Because they look so serious, so dark. And yet they are populist heroes. That’s where we’re at right now as a nation. Half the crowd is booing our old, tired, brand-happy populist hero John Cena, and everyone is cheering police state thugs gone rogue. They do feel to me like our best hope at something like a deus ex machina. They are godlike men: operatives of our dark, scary government turning against the machine, aligning themselves with the people, and strong to the point of unstoppable.

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