On He Who Cannot Be Kept Down

One of the most exhilarating types in wrestling to watch is He Who Cannot Be Kept Down. The Comeback Kid, we might call him. We now have this in Roman Reigns. We’ve needed one of these for a long time. Not Daniel Bryan — he is the underdog. We need the  persecuted hero who always prevails in the end. These are difficult times, aren’t they? We’re prone to following false prophets, like Bray Wyatt. We need, now, a hero who prevails. He’s as close as we can get to a good deus ex machina situation until a bona fide god actually finally shows himself in public, if he’s ever going to. This character is against all odds.

Who else has been this? Who else? Hey you, blog reader who wandered in here off the street. Can you remember any others? Stone Cold Steve Austin comes to mind, but he’s more everyman than the type I’m getting at. The Shield had this going as a trio, but I can’t think of anybody else in wrestling. Though Malcolm Reynolds is perhaps this.

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