On The Liminality of Kayfabe: Ric Flair

I once heard a piece of internet folklore from some chick in a random internet forum, not wrestling related, could it have even that feminist message board I used to haunt? Anyway, she swore this was true. Once her dad went into a Denny’s to eat. He’s on the road, traveling, it’s that kind of Denny’s. And he’s got with him to read of all things Gravity’s Rainbow. And who just happens to be sitting in the next booth from him but “Nature Boy” Ric Flair. As this guy is sitting there reading, Flair looks up and says, “So you’re a Pynchon fan, are you?” Then this chick’s dad ends up having a conversation with Rick Flair about Thomas Pynchon and Gravity’s Rainbow. Would that I ever had such kismet!

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